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I started my first nursing job on a mother/baby floor in august 2019. I really wanted to work in peds out of school and have always wanted to work in peds, but there’s only one children’s hospital in my area that is super competitive. So I accepted one of my mother/baby offers hoping I would get a taste of both women’s and pediatrics. Naturally, I fell in love with the nursery aspect, but not so much postpartum. And at my hospital, nursery is competitive and limited to senior nurses. Now a year in I am feeling so stuck. I have been actively trying to switch to pediatrics and have interviewed for peds positions, but have been turned down for not having that specific experience they want. Has anyone made the transition straight from women’s to peds? Or should I try switching to a different specialty within women’s to broaden my scope? Or is there anything I can say/do during interviews that can relate my current experience to pediatrics? 

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You may have better luck/more responses if you post this in the Peds forum.


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Following! I am also interested in peds. However, the peds hospital near me isn't hiring so I am not sure where I should start my nurse residency.