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Hi......student nurse here who has a couple of stumping homework questions. The first is: Internal radiation as a treatment for patients with ovarian cancer poses a nursing challenge. List 3 conditions related to internal radiation that make nursing interventions a challenge and the second question is: About what percentage of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no known risk factors? Hummmmmmm.......



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Seems to me you could get those answers from the American Cancer Society website, or from your Med-Surg text. :D

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Do you mean radiation implants? WE used to take care of clients with these type of implants. WE had to wear these little clip on meters to our clothes are record the radiation reading on a tracking record. We had to ensure all bodily waste was treated with caution and all care needed to be completed timely to decrease the amount of radiation you were exposed to. Mind you this was in the 90s so things may be different now. I will find out when I go back to a med/surg onc unit in September. The walls were special meaning they were implant rooms in which the walls were 3 feet thick.

As far as the breast ca odds I am not sure.



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I found the info! Went to WebMD and found out about the Breast Cancer, funny how my Med Surg book didn't have the percentage, and my NCLEX book had more in detail about the nurse and internal radiation challenges, like what you listed. Anyway...thanks!

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