Struggling With Nursing School


I am totally lost on what to do. No one in my immediate family ever went to college. They're proud of me, they just aren't understanding the impact of the choices I am about to make might have on my future. 6 months ago I was in a nursing program, didn't end up making the cut and was let go. All other classes were A's and B's up until that point. During that semester I was really struggling with my mental health. Im not embarrassed anymore to admit that, and I got the help that I needed. Im doing much better now and I'm ready.

I was accepted into the LPN program at the school I was originally unsuccessful at. I only need 3 classes to complete this. After completion, I would complete the LPN-RN bridge program in only 3 more classes after that. There is not much of a support system at this school, except for classmates but maybe at this point in my life thats enough for me to be successful. I'm also planning on meeting with all my teachers at the beginning of the semester to review material and go over test taking strategies.

The reason I am hesitant on returning to this school is the lack of support system (but maybe if I just had reached out more, I would know more), they originally missed my application and it took one month and contacting the dean for them to accept me. The dean said the staffing issues are being resolved supposedly and thats why I was missed due to the lack of staff. The dean was professional, but the program chair seemed totally overwhelmed. After telling her I was accepted into an RN program for the coming spring semester, she told me to "go there instead because RN is better". I only ever heard from her once and then my adviser contacted the dean and explained what was going on and the issues the lack of communication was creating for me. But, it might be better for me since the classes in the LPN program are very similar to nursing classes I've already taken and passed. They also have a 93% pass rate.

The other RN program is also highly rated, but it is a very expensive hospital based program. The holding fee alone is $450. Roughly 7,000-8,000 a semester depending on the financial aid I can get. I also can't start until the spring, and wouldn't graduate until spring 2020 there because only my prerequisite classes were eligible for transfer. All around the school sounds like it is a supportive academic environment. Another thing is I could be working on my BSN and being a working RN if I am successful at returning to my current college. I can do it with a lot of loans. I don't want to, but I will.

I am just afraid that I will make the wrong choice. I have no one to else to ask. I want to go back to school but do it the right way, if that makes sense....

Any previous experience or advise is much appreciated :)