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Hello! I am looking for some advice about a job change. I am a GNP and am debating accepting an offer for a geriatric primary care clinic. It is a good opportunity, however I am really struggling with the fact that I am losing autonomy. I have always had my own patient panel, but in this new position I would be seeing any patient in the clinic for acute visits and follow ups, and the physicians take the lead in managing their chronic conditions and overall POC. Does this bother anyone else? What are your thoughts on working under a physician? I'm not sure why this is bothering me so much!! Thanks in advance :)

Are you truly working under a physician? If so, how? They are truly making the Nurse Practitioner position salary to the point where even though we have the knowledge. (And such broad knowledge as a FNP). We certainly can Practice the part, but the pay stinks to the point, that we may as well let the physician take the lead ? I

swear the new position that I just took , the heads have no clue what a nurse practitioner is. This even though I am the only provider on site. There is a medical director that I  can email or call for questions, but that is if I can get ahold of her and get an answer. 

the nurse managers with less degree and experience make more money than me and other nurse practitioners. In fact I'm not paid overtime if I work over 40, the floor nurses do plus earn about what I do , then work overtime bringing in more $ than me.

in my opinion the nurse practitioner just does the work of the Dr and gets paid as a Nurse. No voice for the NP as we get exploited.

My opinion to nurses , don't go to school to be a NP, unless you like to work underpaid and just like working as a Dr for nurse pay and a lesser title. 

I think we need to change the title to get more notice. Just my rant and opinion .....

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