struggling finding a job, need your help please!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi everyone,

I graduated from school and got my RN license. but, having difficulty finding a job in bay area, CA. I have been applying since Oct of 2008, but, not recieved any response. I am so depressed and losing my hope. am I doing something wrong? I dedicated 3 yrs of my life and got loans and credit card debts in return.don't understand what to do. I hardly got two offers, but, with some draw backs.

one position is with state hospital,mental health , as a RN (safety),2.5 hrs away from home, $40/hr, no contract, with great benifits, but 5 days/wk which I really am not ready to commit. I just wanted to work 12hr/3days shifts and spend rest of the days with my family. besides, I may not be able to find any job in future with this experience.

Another position is on telemetry unit, very intensive residency program, but, it's in WA state, 12 hrs away from home, $30/hr, 12/3 shift, with 2 yr contract which I am not sure of. besides, I have to be ready for travel expenses and my living arrangements there in WA.

could some one please give me any advice picking the best? I am having difficulty making my decision.



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Be thankful you have any offers, I am sure there are New grads who would trade with you in a minute. Personally, I would take the tele job. It less money but what is the cost of living there? Is it less than where you live. Driving almost 3 hours each way, every day is a killer. Also, a job getting experience in an acute care setting is valued differently than a mental hospital. You can transition to another unit easier as a tele nurse than a mental health nurse. A 2 yr commitment isnt as long as it sounds. See if they can help with relocation fees ot look into a renting a room for now until you are more sure about staying there. what would happen if you dont stay 2 years?


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thankyou so much for your advice.

the hospital is paying a fee of $4000 to the recruiting agency. so, if in case I decide to break the contract within an yr, I will have to pay the complete amount,or, half of it if I break it after first year and before 2nd yr. I will be paid relocation expences, and a one time traveling expences. I might be able to find a room for $200-$250 /mo. and have to be ready to spend another $200 to visit my family twice a month. but, still I am considering this job over mental health. am I doing something wrong? my family is calling me crazy. but, I think i won't find any job once I enter psych unit. please feel free to suggest me if you have any.

Once again, thankyou.


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What part of Washington State? Would it be close to a major airport? If I were you (and I might be, I graduate in 7 weeks!) I would take the WA job. You are going to be making good money, and you might find it more feasible to fly home every other week, if you are near a big airport, such as Seatac.

The only RN program I got into was 2 hours away from my home in the Bay Area, and my family completely understood, so we rented a tiny place for me while I was in school and I came home every other weekend. It has worked out well, and i was looking forward to coming home again permanently, but I might be looking at relocating for another one to two years myself if that's what I need to do to get that first job in acute care.

Also, if you are making $30/hour, you might find it easy to save the $2000 so that after the first year you could break contract and pay the $2000 back to the agency. Then you would only be gone one year and you would have your one year of acute care experience so you would probably have no problem finding a job near your house then.

Keep us posted! By the way, what agency did you use? Do they take new grads right out of school?


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