struggling finding a job, need your help please!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi everyone,

I graduated from school and got my RN license. but, having difficulty finding a job in bay area, CA. I have been applying since Oct of 2008, but, not recieved any response. I am so depressed and losing my hope. am I doing something wrong? I dedicated 3 yrs of my life and got loans and credit card debts in return.don't understand what to do. I hardly got two offers, but, with some draw backs.

one position is with state hospital,mental health , as a RN (safety),2.5 hrs away from home, $40/hr, no contract, with great benifits, but 5 days/wk which I really am not ready to commit. I just wanted to work 12hr/3days shifts and spend rest of the days with my family. besides, I may not be able to find any job in future with this experience.

Another position is on telemetry unit, very intensive residency program, but, it's in WA state, 12 hrs away from home, $30/hr, 12/3 shift, with 2 yr contract which I am not sure of. besides, I have to be ready for travel expenses and my living arrangements there in WA.

could some one please give me any advice picking the best? I am having difficulty making my decision.



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This sounds like a hard dilemma. I just moved from

Bay Area myself because I could not find a job, and

then I didn't want to wait around to compete with

the new grads in May. So, yes I moved away to

Santa Clarita Valley. There is 8-10 dollar difference

in pay from Bay Area. I am working nights to make

up the difference. My opinion I would take the job

that would offer new grad training in an area that

set me up well. With tele you can branch out and

work anywhere. It may be hard to relocate but in

a sense is new, exciting, scary, and fun! It was

easy for me to relocate because it was just me

and hubby, no kids. If your single I would

take WA job. Your family will miss you, but this

is your time to shine. Maybe write down pros and

cons to each and decide. Try to talk to your former

instructors for advice. Whatever you decide I hope it is

a great fit for you and that you have the time of your


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Hey, Hang in there :rolleyes: If I were you I would take the new grad program in WA. You will get so much experience that is more transferable to other units. Think about which job relates more to your long term goals. And, I know right now two years sounds like a long time, but it will be over before you know it. You made it through 3 years of school and looking back it probably feels like the time flew by, right?

Where is the program at in WA. Is it near an airport? A plane ride home might even be quicker than the two and a half hour drive from the other position. Although you may not be able to fly home as often as you would be able to drive home, it might be something to consider. And, a lot of the airlines have terrific deals right now for the shorter flights :D

I am actually in the process of relocating as well. I am moving halfway across the country for a new grad internship program. I am leaving all of my family and friends. I also have to sign an 18 month contract. I am so excited about the adventure, but sad about leaving my family. My Mom says she is pretending I'm leaving for college and that I'll be back every once in a while. That has helped her a lot.

It took me a lot of thought before I decided to move. The job I'm moving for is my dream job. I also had to keep in mind that although I had a competitive resume I had applied to over 70 jobs near my home and had only recieved one interview and no job offers.

Keep your head up :) Just make a list like the other poster said. Really compare the things that matter most to you. You'll make the right choice. Let us know what you decide. And, if you have any questions at all for me, I am more than happy to answer them. Sorry this is so long, it's just that your situation seems similar to mine.

Best of luck in whatever you choose :nurse:

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