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Strong New Grad Residency Programs in NE Ohio?

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Hi all! I'm a nursing student in Northeast Ohio (Cleveland area) set to graduate from an ABSN program this August. I've started looking for jobs, and I'm wondering if anyone here knows of any units/floors/hospitals that they'd recommend for new grads. 

Ideally, I'd love to start my nursing career on a general floor (Med-Surg, Tele, Obs, that kind of area) where new grads are supported in learning and progressively work up to a full patient load, rather than being thrown to the wolves. I know that the first 1-2 years for any new grad are brutally stressful and that a lot of learning happens on the job, but I'd love to find a place where I enjoy working and can stay for at least a few years building experience rather than just blindly accepting a new-grad position, putting in the required year or two while hating my life, and then transferring as soon as possible and having to start over at a different hospital or unit. 

I know that it's the nature of the beast, especially on these floors, to have work conditions that are fast-paced, hectic, and stressful. I don't ever expect to be able to completely avoid that. But if anyone has been through a new grad program that they felt really set them up for success as a new nurse, I'd love to hear about it! 


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I would say any of the big 3 (Metro, CCF, UH). VA is not the best place to start as a new grad but later one once you get some experience it is a good place to work.

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