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stressed out at work

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Hey everyone!

So lately at work between JCAHO and the DOH being at my hospital, it's just been crazy high stress all around. I'm not sure how it is for everyone else, but with me being a new nurse, I'm already nervous and then management is now especially on our backs about every little thing. Right after a rapid response the other day when the night nurse was trying to give me report my manager was more concerned about me changing the water pitcher on my med cart rather than me finding out what happened during the rapid response. I'm just getting extremely frustrated because stuff like this has been happening on a daily basis for about a month now and its extremely hard for me to not just be like... ok its not the MOST important thing for me to do right now....? With all that being said I've only been a nurse for a couple of years. I just feel so inadequate. I feel like half the time im running around from room to room without a head on. Unfortunately I'm not 12 hours, so that stinks. I get out late everyday. I once in a blue moon get maybe a 10 minute break to scoff down a sandwich and even at that i still get out late. I just idk if im cut out for this. I really just want to quit, but obviously i need the money and it's harder to find a new nursing job than everyone thinks. I've been applying outside my hospital since i graduated over 2 years ago now..and nothing. I just feel really stuck. I want it to get better and I want to just feel like i got a handle on things, but I just really feel that I don't. IDK what to do anymore. I just would like to know if there's anyone out there that feels this way? and did you get through it.. does it get better? bc right now its a struggle every single day is a serious struggle to get through, you feel like you have no support from management and then your short staffed, overworked.. its just horrible

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Degree level you're at? Consider going for an MSN?

If nursing isn't for you, what do you feel your calling is?

As for getting another nursing job, why not relocate to a cheaper place that needs more nurses?

Dealing with politics is simply that, you play the game and realize that's all it is. The patient comes first, not the management.

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