Stress before Pre-Reqs


I am currently finishing up my associates degree in General Studies. Since that degree is virtually worthless I've decided once I get it I want to go back to school for my LPN. I'm a single mom and I am going to have to work full time through nursing school. I don't get child support and I don't get financial support from family. I only have one pre-req I need before I can apply for my school's LPN program so I am wanting to get that done next fall. God willing I will be in nursing school Fall of 2019. BUT I work a Monday-Friday job right now so I know I will have to find a new job. I also have to kick my butt to make C's and B's in school so I am terrified I won't even get accepted or get my last pre-req completed. I guess I am just needing some encouraging words or tips from you guys. How do I make money, pass classes, and be a good mommy while continuing my education? SOS


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So from your post I got that you are still in associate program in general studies. You will be taking the only one pre-req next fall, 2018. First things first, worry about NOW. Get through the rest of the year to finish your associate in general studies. Try to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA if you would like to apply to nursing schools and have a moderate chance of getting accepted. Once you get into nursing school, you will figure out what kind of job you can have and how many days a week you can manage working. THAT is like 2 years away! Like I said, worry about the NOW first.