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Stress of hospital and new MS diagnosis

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I'm writing in here 'cause I really don't know where else to turn at the moment. I was diagnosed with definitive MS yesterday, I'm 25 but the neurologist thinks I've been experiencing symptoms since I was 18 or 19. I was started on high dose IV solu-medrol for 3 days, I'm receiving the IV at home so I have a heplock in my hand so I'm missing work 'cause I just don't see myself being able to do my work; labs, evals, and such, and not pulling it out.

This past year and a half has been extremely stressful while working in ICU/ER as a new nurse and in hindsight, a lot of symptoms that I dismissed as stress reactions, i.e. leg weakness, random dizziness, nausea, vague vision blurriness, etc, were all probably mild exacerbations of MS. Currently I work in a psych ER, while no where near as hectic as regular ER my fear is that working in a hospital is not going to be an option. My current exacerbation is only some numbness/tingling in my legs and buttocks and some random pain. Thankfully I have no weakness or gait problems, only some unsteadiness due to random dizziness.

Is there anyone else that is dealing with the symptoms of MS on a daily basis as a nurse? I know every case is different, but how do you deal?

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Know of only one... a friend of an acquaintance. Think she also works psych. But haven't heard about her in a while. As someone that didn't / doesn't know her well, seems she just toughed it out.

But much will depend on several factors: the type / severity of your MS, your ability to cope with stress, its impact on your particular disease process, effectiveness of your meds, etc.

Very special friend in nursing school started to get symptoms in her 30s, which concerned me a bit. But as it turned out, she still hasn't been diagnosed two years later. Since then I've had a little sensitivity to those with MS.

The meds are getting better, and heavy-duty research is underway.

Wish you much luck.

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I have similar issues with what the Dr says is Lupus, but I have problems with dizziness and leg weakness. I was very active until I got very sick my last week of nursing school with viral labyrynthitis/vertigo and seems like I have never really recovered. I am not the same person although I smile and try to act like I'm ok. I too work in a hospital on a busy critical care floor and the stress is bad. I have to call out when the dizziness is bad because I WON'T put someone at risk, I think my mgr is getting a little peeved though. I'm also unsure what to do. I've been a nurse for about a year and really love nursing, but just can't get past this unsteady/balance/dizzy issue and I've been to the best drs. My heart goes out to you!

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