What exactly is the strap program and who qualifies?

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Hmmm....could you be more specific? Are you talking about the Bootstrap program in the military?


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What exactly is the strap program and who qualifies?

It's used in the Army Reserves to allow medical officers to continue their education. RN to BSN, BSN to MSN, BSN to CRNA, etc. It pays a stipend (around $1600 plus monthly).

After you get your BSN, you can apply for a commission into the Army Reserves. After acceptance you can apply for STRAP. I did the STRAP for my ASN to BSN. Your paperwork and school plan must go before a board and they decide if they will fund you. It entails a 2 year payback for every year of school funded. The payback is reserve time.

I am sure the AF has something similar. Always go through a medical professional AMEDD recruiter and not your local enlistee recruiter.

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