Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Has anyone ever took any courses on Straighterline? If so what are your opinions?

I tried Human Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology on Straighterline last summer. If you are able to self-teach and work independently, then these courses can be successfully completed. I was afraid to take courses from this company because of the negative reviews, but everything ended up being okay. All the exams are proctored and seem to focus on information that is both specific and broad. For labs, a kit which will include all supplies, including dissection materials, will be purchased from a site similar to "eScience labs." You will have to complete a series of lab exercises and take pictures for submission. Human Anatomy and Physiology labs were easier on Straighterline than at the university, but the general course part was easier at the university.

Hello, how did you study for the exam?

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