Straight from RN to FNP?


I am currently a RN student and am debating if I should finish my BSN and then go into a FNP program or if I should apply for a FNP program that only Requires RN license without a BSN. Has anyone here taken this path, and what has your experience with it been like?

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I'm not sure how much clinical experience you have in the field currently -- as you mention you are an RN Student. With all of the changes going on, I would ensure that you have at least your BSN before applying. I am currently in a DNP FNP program -- and I didn't apply until I was done with my MSN CNL. It's up to what you think you can handle -- as far as learning curve is.

Either way, most FNP programs require that you meet the educational requirements for a BSN, so I'm not sure if it would be worth it to apply without a BSN. Also, I would make sure you have a few years of experience until your belt before going into a program as it will help make the transition and learning experiences more beneficial.


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Quick question? Did you always want to be an FNP? Have you shadowed FNP's? Right now you are a nursing student my advice would be to focus on being a good nurse. FNP's are advanced practice nurses, so for now take your time learning to be a good nurse and go from may enter nursing and find that the ICU appeals to you and you may want to be a CRNA... you may like peds and want to be a PNP. Nursing has so many avenues and it's hard to know exactly what you want until you work in the field.

Good Luck