straight MSN?


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I'm in the process of applying to grad school, NP programs. In my research, many of them have a certain number of credit hours required, with a lesser number if you already have an MSN. Out of curiosity I started looking at general MSN programs and haven't really found that many (admittedly, it was a cursory search). Most say MSN but then have a focus of education, public health, or NP. Is there JUST an MSN program or is there always some extra focus?


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Th clinical nurse leader is a generalist nurse rather than a specialist nurse. Some people get this degree if they already have a BS/BA because it is apparently easier to get a loan for a graduate degree rather than a second BS/BA. Mostly they work, from what I have been told, as a staff nurse for several years to get experience, before taking on the real role of the "clinical nurse leader." Here is a link.

Personally, I'd rather see someone come in as a BSN, but I can see that w/ financial considerations, this may make sense. Most of us think of MSN nurses as "advanced pratice or specialty." but this role doesn't fit into what we have traditionally seen w/ graduate prepared nurses. A person could get this degree and then get a DNP if they go onto become a practitioner or CNM, rather than a post-masters certificate..

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