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I truely agree with you about the negative attributes displayed by the news media and like shows. Nursing Homes have developed a bad image to the american public due to negative reporting. I feel so bad when someone ask me what I do for a living. I tell them I work in a Nursing Home, and there it is that reply~ oh, I see. Total negativity. It's true abuse is sad and not tolerated, but not the reporting bulk of the profession. It is usually isolated, and surely not what Nursing Homes are about. Yet, people are afraid to place family members in nursing homes because of news shows who only bring you a selective report and do not tell the whole story or show the good things.

What about us, the dedicated, working short and on our days off, low pay. What about our kind gestures, our moments shared listening to residents reminiscencing about the good old days when no family member will listen to them anymore. Not to mention we don't have a moment to spare, but we listen anyway. Our tender touch and helpful hand, and loving heart. What about us and what we really do for those residents. Why they need us and we need them! You ask me if I do it for money,but what a laugh! I say no, nursing homes pay little to nothing. I do it because someone has too, and I love those people! Let's not forget to mention health care workers risk their life everyday for the cause. What about us?????

Stop beating up on the Nursing Home Staff, be grateful for people like us. Show our good side, show the real world of nursing. I employ you to learn more about us. The real people behind the profession.

Please stop shows like them from reporting such negative news and help them start reporting the real world of nursing homes and what it takes to deliver such a service. Thank you!


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AMEN!! What most people don't realize is that patients are being released from hospitals much earlier, and in very fragile conditions.Who takes care of them while they continue to heal? Our facility cares for patients who are on ventilators, recovering from serious injury or involved surgical procedures, suffering from the ravages of disease. We do for them all that "real" nurses do, but because our patients are with us for a while, we are able to personalize our care. We are the ones who comfort and love the lonely, whose families don't make the time for them. We stay after our shift is over, and come in on our off time, to spend time with our patients. We often know our pts better than their own families do!

Yes, there are instances of abuse in long term care. But they are not widespread, nor are they confined to LTC. Because of the stereotypes that shows like 20/20 perpetuates, some who need our care will not come to us, and the government bestows on us regulation upon regulation, which, instead of protecting our patients, often serves to deny them care or medications they need, and forces us to take time away from pt care in order to keep up with all the paperwork. I love my patients, and it makes me furious when I see these generalizing acusations made toward my profession by so-called "journalists" and ambulance-chasing lawyers. Come on, 20/20--- give us a break!

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I am an RN in a LTC facility and support what LTC is all about. Long term care, where people can to to live a quality life. Staff members work as a team to accomplish this. I just completed a 54 hr week and am proud of the care my team gives. I have heard rumors in the past that camera crews have gone into facilities and "set the stage" by throwing toilet paper and things on the floor prior to filming a "filthy facility" Long term care is not the end its the beginning when someone can no longer take care of themselves at home. Most nursing homes actually have programs to make the residents more independant than they were at home on thier own. Lets see someone report on this.

Yes, I would like to see the news media report on some of the positive things about a nursing home. I haven't heard anything about the news media deliberately throwing stuff on the floor and then filmming it as a dirty place. That doesn't mean it didn't happen. However, I did see the piece on abuse in a certain nursing home ( it's not the first program I've seen) and how the media facilitate the idea that it is a serious problem across the US. All I wish is the media once in while broadcast the good things about a Nursing Home and the people who work there, but then it wouldn't be news would it?


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