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Anyone getting their MSN from Stonybrook University in Long Island, NY?? They offer almost everything by distance learning. I am thinking of applying there for MSN Midwifery. Would like your input!!! Thanks!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:


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I am also looking for an affordable online MSN degree. I looked into the program at Stony Brooks in New York sometime ago. Everything looks fine except that they require you to go to campus for orientation before starting your coursework and their tuition at 300+ a credit was a little steep for my budget. Fort hays in Kansas lock promising, they offer an MSN degree via distance learning, but they only offer the administration track.


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I have a colleague that took the midwifery course from Stony Brook

All I will say here is that the clinical requirements to graduate

are well above that of other schools or even for the criteriae

to sit for national certification. As for was one of the most reasonable $$$/credit American Universities. Approx 400USD/credit once you factor in hidden costs.

Please email me if you want the details.

Good luck to you both

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