Stony Brook's hiring process...please help


I applied to stony brook a few weeks back. During the interview i asked the nursing manager when would she be making a decision. She explained to me that it can take up to 8 weeks for stony brook to make a decision. My concern is, if they decided not to hire you do they send out a letter before the 8 weeks? Does anyone work or went through the hiring process at stony brook that can help me?

Thank you!!


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No, they dont call you tell you or anything. (even AFTER the entire process is done, unless you got the job of course)

Stony Brook by far had the worst HR of any hospital I applied to, you just need to constantly call them and ask.

Unfortunately youre going to have to wait however long it takes them to interview everyone, and if you dont got the job, well the only way youll figure it out is by annoying them.

Best of luck


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Thank you so much. I figured they would at least send a letter to the applicants who did not qualify :(


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I work at stony brook as a nursing assistant. I applied in November of last year ( early ... Like Nov. 3rd). Got a call back for an interview the very end of November and didn't actually interview until mid December. Was officially hired in early January. They hire once a month for everything. Be patient. And keep applying! It's a good place to work for!! Good luck!