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Stony Brook U Accelerated vs Adelphi PATH - help!


Hey, everyone! I need advice. I was accepted into Adelphi's general BSN program and have paid my tuition deposit and registered for classes for Fall 2014. I am very excited, as Adelphi is a great school. However, with the way I'm entering the program, having to still do some prerequisites and not having summers available in the program, I'm going to be finishing the program a lot later than expected - almost a year later. This is a career change for me, and I would like to get out of the program ASAP so I can start looking for jobs to support my family. I met with the PATH director the other day and it seems as though I won't have any problem getting into the accelerated program for Summer 2015, which would bump me up a few months in the graduating process.

My dilemma is - now I'm curious about SBU's accelerated program, as it ends a few months prior to Adelphi's (which means I'd be bumped up a few months earlier again! - the sooner the better for me). And SBU is thousands of dollars cheaper than Adelphi. I know it's a very competitive program, but I have the grades and multiple degrees to *hopefully* get accepted to SBU. Now, do you think I should drop my classes from Adelphi in order to not allow financial aid to be disbursed (I don't want to be stuck with a $15,000 loan when I really don't need it), or should I not even bother with SBU at all since I got into Adelphi already? I'm so confused and need help! Thank you in advance!!

Just to let you know, there are many people with 4.0s who get rejected by stony. It's extremely competitive to get in with 700 applicants for 80 spots. I loves the program and would totally recommend it, however, I just want to give you a little warning about the competitiveness of their application process.