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Stony Brook FNP Class of 2019

Hi all, starting a new thread for everyone who has been accepted to the FNP program starting this summer, 2016.

Hopefully we can connect at orientation!

Has everyone completed their admissions paperwork/checklist and dropped it off? I'm planning to hand mine in next week. I just finished my physical and still waiting for my malpractice policy.

Hi! I sent mine in already. I'm not sure how to find out if they have received all of my transcripts.....

You can log into Solar to check the transcripts. I think it's under applicant information.


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HI Ladies!

I am still working on my packet. My titres should be back tomorrow 4/13/16 or 4/17/16. I live in NYC and am driving out to Long Island Monday evening. I will also be driving back to the city Tuesday after orientation. If anyone is local to me and wants a ride let me know. I decided to drive out the night before because I want to be well rested. I am going to stay at my friends house, but am available to head out to dinner or sometime Monday evening.


Hi Kim. I'm at the school now dropping off my paperwork. I just have 1 last transcript to bring in on Tuesday. (Of course I forgot to bring it with me today!)

I don't have applicant informationas an option anymore. I did until I accepted my seat and now I have admission decision. :/ no option to view receipt of transcripts.

I'm on the SOLAR now. Under 'Student Admission' it should say 'view applicant information' and 'admission decision response' after you click applicant info it will show your application(s) and you can click 'view status of supporting documents for this application' -hope that helps [emoji4]


I have been trying to reach someone at the school about the paper work but getting no answers. Does anyone know if we have to fill out two health forms or one can be a photocopy? Also is ok to bring the paper work to orientation? I know its a little to late now to mail it.

One last thing, did you find a difference between different insurers?

Thank you!


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Hello all,

I obtained insurance through NSO. Regarding the two packets I just made 3 copies of it all one for me and two for the school. Mine is now complete except for the dang titres! My doc ordered them wrong so now I need to wait for the numeric values. I have them all completed and I am immune however they want the numeric values. The instructions in the letter say to mail or drop off prior to orientation so I think I will be doing it on Monday. See you all Tuesday!


Hi Rodel,

One can be a copy (and also make a copy of the entire packet for yourself).

I also used NSO. I've used them in the past for RN malpractice. I did not compare rates or anything to other insurers.

I spoke to Lisa in student services and it CAN be brought on orientation day. I brought mine in this week to ensure mine was complete and avoid the chaos of everyone turning it in at once (apparently she's still waiting on a lot of them). She said if for any reason it's missing anything, it'll just hold you up with registering for classes so you won't be able to do it the day of orientation.

Excited to see you all!!

Hi. I used proliability. I've never had malpractice insurance privately. My titers were 20 years old lol so I had them redone just to be on the safe side. I mailed all of my paperwork a few weeks ago and of course made a copy for myself. But I still can't check for official transcripts :/ no option to review transcripts like before I made my admission decision. See you all Tuesday, I'm so excited :)

Hey Kim! I might want a ride back to the city if you're still offering! I'm wearing black pants and a black and white shirt today. I have brown hair and glasses that are black and teal. I have a red bag too. Hope you can spot me. Can't wait to meet you all!!

I sent my packets a few weeks ago but brought my copy in case. I totally forgot about official transcripts though. I have to check on that. Hope it's not too late. Woops!!!


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Hi all,

So far I met up with tournerviolet, we are in group B. I am wearing a long gray sweater and tourner has a black and whit shirt on carrying a red bag... Hope to find you guys soon!


Hey guys, I'm in group A, multi colored dress but mostly pink. Black cardigan but I'm not wearing it now since I'm sweating to death in the computer room :-)


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Lol we are freezing in lecture hall 5!!! Hope to see you soon!

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Thanks for making this post! Great way to keep in touch with our class. The computer room is soooo hot! I'm in group A, in the back row of the computer room in an off white polo, blue scrub pants with black Dansko's, I'm carrying a brown satchel as well. Excited to meet you all!

Chris L.

PS: Looking to start a study group! If you want in let me know!

I wish the class would be released already :(

I know! Have you joined our FB group Stony Brook FNP 2019?


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