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I was wondering I want to become an stna and further my career after that to an Lpn but Im working at walmart parttime and I hate it there but I must pay bills is there any way you canbecome an stna thru online classes in columbus, ohio after I become an stna then I can put in my 2 week notice an begin my career as an stna and achieve my goals and make more moneyand help people that need help to becoming an Lpn

please let me know if anyone has any info on obtaining this goal thanks

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doubtful. cna classes are usually hands-on learning. there are probably programs where you can get hired on as a paid employee and trained to be a cna at the same time. many nursing homes do this. this is the website of the ohio nurse aide registry: question #8 and its answer on the faqs link is as follows:

where can i attend nurse aide training classes?

you may call the nurse aide training competency evaluation program ("natcep") at (614) 752-8285 for information about the location of nurse aide training classes.

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Local hospitals in the area may do nurse tech/clinical partner training. You may want to research LPN schools (or consider an associate in nursing for an RN) in the area and apply. Some schools will help you find a job in the medical field while you are a student. Other entry level positions in a hospital are in nutrition, cleaning etc. One you are an employee for 6 mo you can often transfer to other positions within the hospital. I find that once you have a foot in the door (in anything) it helps. Also many hospital offer tuition assistance, and this could help with your goals also.

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