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i am stna student who is scheduled to take my stna test in ohio on sept.15th. I am so nervous. but i really have an important question. do you have to do the skills in the order that they are in inside the book or is it just as long as you do everything you are supposed to and remember the key elements? Please help me I am a total wreck I go over the skills and my notes at least two to three times a day......!!!!!!!!

The ones in bold or the ones that state that they have to be done before a specific task must be done in order. For example:

You must lock the bed brakes before assisting the resident to get out of bed.

You must clean the residents face and hands before they eat.

You must lock the wheelchair brakes before the resident attempts to leave the wheelchair.

You must line the sink with a towel or something before you begin washing the dentures over the sink.

You must ask the resident if they are choking before wrapping your arms around them and doing your inward & upward thrusts.

Those are just a few I can think of.

If you forget to do anything, before you complete the task, just tell the evaluator. I kept forgetting the close the curtain. Though I later realized it wasn't even in the book. Oh well. Lol.

Don't be nervous. You'll be fine.

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