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hello. my name is tasha and i am from cleveland, ohio. i am interested in training to become an stna and i was wondering if anyone knows anything about online training. is there a credible school where i could take part of the class online and go in for the rest? please, if you know of any such school, let me know. thanks. :heartbeat


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I'm in Cleveland as well and i can tell you there is no online program that will train you to become an STNA in the State of Ohio. You can review the Ohio Department of Health website for additional information. Also, there are tons of programs in north east ohio that offer STNA training... I recomed Medcert, they are in Bedford. You can visit there website at they offer day/eve/weekend classes, you can also get aide from employment connection to pay for the class if you meet there income requirements. Keep me updated if you need additional information. Good luck


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They offer a hybrid course at Columbus State in Columbus but you have to attend lab on Fridays and a couple of clinicals on 2 Fridays during the quarter. The only problem is it doesn't enable you to take the state certified test since it is a hybrid course. I don't mind that because I am taking it just as a pre-req to apply to the nursing program at Columbus State. It is probably too long of a haul from Cleveland though but it is only one day a week from 8am to 2pm for lab and the rest is online.

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