STNA before LPN?

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Do you have to be an STNA before you can go to school to be an LPN?


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It depends on the school. It seems that more community colleges have that requirement. On a personal note, it helps you get your feet wet. After your Intro to nursing class, you can take the STNA test btw.


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I cant think of any school that doesnt require STNA program before you start as well as Cpr/first aid


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Not all schools require it. I go to Hondros in Westerville; you don't need to be an STNA. You can however test to be an STNA after your first term if you decide to, which leads me to my question.

Anyone know where you can test for the STNA other than D&S? I can't get in to test until September with them. I have searched online without luck. All I need to do is take the test. I need to classes. Thanks!


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D&S is the only authorize tester for the State of Ohio STNA exam. You can view there website and search for other areas near you that have testing dates sooner. You may have to drive a distance, but there are lots of dates open. Also you should review there candidate book online before testing so you know what the test will be like

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