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I'm trying to get my foot into the door to the medical profession. My father is an ICU in Dayton.

My family is tight on money right now and my father told me to look into becoming an STNA. He said most hospitals will sign a contract with me to do STNA and they will pay for my college to become an RN. I want to a NICU RN.

My financial aid was cut off at Sinclair CC for not getting all my credit hours. So I'm looking for other sources that will take my financial aid to become an STNA. I know about OMCC but they don't take federal loans and grants. You have to go through the WIA program and they won't take me because I do not have a strong work history.

Any advice for me would be much appreciated, thank you!!

Hi you can try Miami Valley Career Technology Center or see if you can find a program that will let you make payments.

Good luck

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Most, if not all, schools do NOT take Financial Aid for STNA. That is a cost you'll more than likely have to pay for yourself.

Hello STNA in Dayton, Ohio

I've been an STNA for almost 20 years, If you don't have 11 months to become a LPN at CTC Miami Valley. Get in contact with Job Center on Edwin C. Moses and apply for WIA program, in which you can apply for funding to get you STNA.

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