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I have applied at all of the STLCC Nursing Schools, but I have only received my confirmation letter stating that I was on the waiting list. Does anyone know when STLCC sends out their acceptance letters for the next semester?

Hi there! I'm impatiently waiting as well Last time I spoke with an advisor I was told early October so we should be seeing something soon! Good luck to you and I hope we get in for the spring! - Emily

Thank you Emily, I hope it is soon! This waiting game is nerve-wracking. Good luck to you as well!

Hey there! I got a letter from Meramec today that sounds like I would be an alternate for Spring 2019 there. I also decided to go up to Forest Park this afternoon because I had something else to do up there and was told that the letters should be going out soon, but didn't have an actual date for that. The lady in the registration office did tell me though that she could check the list and let me know if I'm in or not. Turns out, I am in for Spring there, too! You may give the admissions/registration office at FP a call to see if they'll tell you where you if you're in or not! I put my name on the list mid-January 2018 so it's been two semesters for FP and Meramec. I did get a spot at FV for the fall, but decided against that because I live a lot closer to Meramec and FP.

I'm 99% sure I am going to go with FP because I love that they have clinical at Children's and I'm excited about the new allied health center they're building there that should be done Fall 2019. I hope you hear soon! :)

That is so exciting for you!!! AND, thank you for letting me know about calling up there!

I called up to FP this morning and was told that I am an alternate for them as I am JUST below the cut off and that I would get a letter for orientation. She also stated that it is HIGHLY recommended to show up to orientation, just in case some don't show up or decide to choose another location. I am still hopeful that I get in, but either way 2019 is my year to start! :)

yay! That is really exciting!! I'm so excited for orientation! Starting to get a little nervous though! It's finally real!! Maybe we'll cross paths at orientation! :)

Just FYI - I got another letter from Meramec yesterday that said I am definitely in there for the Spring as well! Just saying hopefully, that bodes well for you to get into Forest Park for the Spring!

That is reassuring! I am staying positive, and hopeful that a couple of people have selected other schools. I am curious on when orientation might be, so if you hear soon, please let me know!

For sure!! Still haven't gotten a letter from FP but based on Meramec's orientation day I would assume it would still be later this month! Getting a little worried about the FP letter. Hope I didn't miss it!

When I spoke to them over the phone on Monday, I was told that their letters would be going out later this week because they still didn't have their orientation date selected (which she stated was supposed to be announced to them on Monday). I would bet that they should be delivered today, tomorrow, or Monday at the latest.

I've gotten a little impatient!

After not receiving a letter Saturday or today, I ended up calling again. Although they told me I was definitely in at FP when I went up there, I have been getting anxious to receive a written confirmation of that before I declined the offer at Meramec. I was told that letters still haven't gone out but should this week. Also, orientation for the Forest Park campus is November 1 for anyone that is curious!

I hope after the letters go out we start getting more activity on this thread because I would love to hear from more potential students for next semester and share the excitement!

As it appears as though the other campuses (Meramec at least, don't know about Flo Valley) have gotten their letters out, @fingerscrossed2019 if others got into one of the other campuses before the Forest Park letters go out and accept their positions there, it may mean that you could receive a spot at Forest Park for the spring (at least I hope so!).

Did you go into the application process with a preferred campus to attend? Hope we hear something in the next few days!

Well, that is good that we haven't missed them and that they will be going out this week. I think I put FP as my desired campus, but I don't remember for sure. I am still hopeful that a few decide on other campuses, but I am not too sure because they only take 40 students in the spring and so does Meramec. FV only does admissions once a year in the fall, so that limits it just a bit. Maybe some have already accepted at Meramec and I am no longer an alternative...oh how I can wish. We shall see.

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