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Hi everyone! I just found out that I got excepted to Duke and will start in January. I am extremely thrilled.

Now I am trying to figure out the best ways to pay for it and I am interested in contracts with hospitals that will pay for some or all of my tuition. Does anybody know of any hospitals that are offering good stipend programs, especially in North Carolina? Not interested in the military.


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I don't know any off hand, but I wanted to congratulate you on your acceptance.


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I will also be attending the Duke program this January...and looking for stipend programs. From what I hear there are still 2006 stipends available in the area at UNC, Durham Regional and Duke-- Wake Med may be full. Are you excited? I am a bit anxious to get my finances together...but taking out loans is also fine with me. Do you live in Durham?

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My husband worked for a hospital that as far as everyone knew did not help pay for CRNA school. However, he approached them and asked them if they would be interested. There is a current shortage of CRNA's at that hospital and they accepted to pay for his schooling in exchange for him workining there for 2 years. Ask the hospital and see if they are interested. You never know! We are excited about him working there because that's where our family lives. Here's the kicker part of my story: when we moved to the area where his school is, I ended up getting a job at his school...........a benefit of me working there is his tuition being paid for!!!!! Now the money that the hospital is sending us to pay for school is money we get to keep. Crazy world huh?

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