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Hi, All! I so apologize for my serious lapse of communication to this forum. If I took the time to tell you all that's been going on with my 'little' business it would take three pages!

I have added two nurses (LPN and RN) to my 'staff' of foot care providers. We have increased to 3 more Senior Center clinics, 3 new Senior apartment complexes and have been able to add many new private in-home clients. Because of the 'extra hands', I have been able to re-contract with a Waiver program that I had to drop last year because the volume of clients was too high for me to handle alone.

These nurses all work INDEPENDENTLY as contractors to my business.

I have been busy, to say the least. But, I sense that all is beginning to come together nicely. These nurses have wonderful ideas for the business and they are not letting any moss grow under their feet.

I'll keep you posted on how things are going on my side of life. I will also be reading the posts I have missed these many weeks and responding to them.

All of you have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!


Lois Jean

nightingale, RN

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Lois Jean:

Thanks for checking in. I am so happy for your continued success!

How did you find these nurses?

How is your video going? Let me now via PM when it is available.

Also was wondering if the other nurses trained directly under you or did they have to go to school for the foot care first, probably not since they are nurses. Am wondering if the state regulations vary from state to state on education of licensure for foot care.

Have a safe and happy fourth yourself!

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