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Does anyone have any recommendatations for a good stethoscope for someone with slightly less than perfect hearing in one ear?

I don't know of a specific brand that will help, but I've found that many nurses keep their stethoscopes too long. The longer the tubing, the farther the sound has to travel, and the quieter it becomes. By keeping it long enough to hang around your neck, you need over 18". The recommended length is 12", and you may find that 10" may increase the sound level enough to accomodate your hearing deficit. Be sure to check out the ear ones come with only one set, while many moderate priced ones come with several types of ear pieces. Hopefully you will get a better seal with a flexible rubber earpiece than the hard clear silicone. Louder sound through a short tube, and blocking out exterior noise with well fitting earpieces will be the key. If all else fails, check with a large company like Littman stethoscopes that could tell you if they have one that comes with a battery operated amplifier-there has to be something out there for the hard of hearing! Good luck!

There are amplified stethoscopes available for the hearing impaired and Deaf health care professional. They are extremely expensive. I do not remember the manufactures but you can try contacting your state office or commission on Deafness. The state offices are listed at: /~nicd/184b.html. Another source for information is the Job Accommodation Network: /.

You may want to request the facility to pay for the equipment as a job accommodation.

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Jennifer, do you know how people hang on to their stethoscopes if they can't put them around their neck (i.e. if they are only 12" long and won't fit...)? Just curious.

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You may want to check out the Littmann 3000. It's pretty expensive but might be worth it to you. (I wish I had bought one:)


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I have the Littmann 3000 (electronic, battery-operated) and it is fantastic. It gets rid of the ambient noise and all you hear is heart and lungs. Only drawback is that when the battery goes out, the steth is dead. I always carry a triple-A battery with me for this reason.

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