Does anyone know of a good stethoscope that comes with interchangable infant and pediatric heads? I've got some scholarship money I need to use and I thought I'd get a new stethoscope. I've got a good adult one. I know that I won't need my own for the NICU, but I thought if I've got the money, it would be nice to have an infant/peds one for my own kids instead of having to try and use my adult one. (we're expecting our first son in July! :yeah:) I saw one online, but I'd never heard of the brand and it was $ I'm thinking it's probably not the best. In Littman, I've only seen infant or peds, not any interchangable.



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Specializes in Med Surg, ER, OR. sells a peds/infant conversion scope that is there own brand (about 10.00 i think), but unless you are looking for top-quality merchandise, this would probably suffice.

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