Stethoscope recommendation?


Does anyone have an recommendations for a student nurse? The Littman's cost a lot but not sure if I should invest in one so I could just use when I'm an RN as well. If not does anyone have any recommendations that are substantially cheaper or would you guys still recommend to invest in a Littman?

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When you're learning to distinguish different heart and lung sounds, it's critical that you have a quality stethoscope. In the grand scheme of things, $75-100 for a stethoscope that will last you up to 10 years is very affordable. You can also probably find coupons if you look around online. The Littman Classic II SE and Classic III are very popular, good quality, and reasonably priced.


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I second the Littman, it makes a big difference. Unless you go into a very specific specialty, either model suggested by Double Helix will work fine in your first new grad job. Just keep a very close eye on it in school!