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Steps to my dream job in the NICU

Hello everyone!

I am a senior nursing student and I will be done with nursing school May 2016. I've already started to apply to different jobs, and I've been very open, because I know everyone doesn't get exactly what they want fresh out. I've already received an offer on an ICU step down unit at one hospital, but I'm waiting on my number one hospital in the NICU! Recently, the HR consultant contacted me and asked would I be interested in mother/baby because NICU tends to fill up pretty quick. Of course I didn't turn down the opportunity to get my foot in the door, so I agreed to also be considered for mother baby.

I guess my main question is, which specialty would be a better stepping stone to get into the NICU? ICU step down or mother/baby? I feel like the acute care portion would be awesome, but also already working with babies would be great as well. But then I'm sort of afraid to specialize so soon... I'm just all over the place.

Thanks in advance for your input! :)

Oops... Just read through some of the threads and noticed a lot of you have answered this question before! Sorry. I will still welcome any input!

babyNP., APRN

Specializes in NICU.

Go with mother baby because it's much easier to do an internal transfer and you may get an opportunity to float to the nicu.


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