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steps for collection of AFB specimen (TB)


I'm asking - in order to go through the steps in detail, to make sure

that I have thought this through:

1) gather specimen container and put the label on it first

2) wear mask and gloves

3) bring a little plastic bag (this is for the container once the specimen is collected)

4) have the patient produce 15 - 30 mL of sputum and collect it in the container

(maybe have the patient hold the container or nurse wearing gloves holds the


5) if the patient holds the container, then the nurse can put the lid on the container once

the sputum is collected, or if the nurse was holding the container then put the lid on

6) if the patient was holding the container, then the nurse's gloved hand could have the

plastic bag open and ready for receiving the container with its lid now on. Nurse can

hold that plastic bag with the one gloved hand that has never been near the possibly

contaminated container.

7) if the nurse was holding the container and puts the lid on - then the nurse's gloved hands are

possibly contaminated. How will the nurse manage to put the container into the little

plastic bag if the nurse now has contaminated gloved hand from holding the container?

Maybe the nurse could put the container onto a paper towel, then put on new gloves,

then have the plastic bag open and ready, then pick up the container with one gloved


Any ideas?

thank you

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