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Staying away from family?

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Just trying to get a feel for how many of you are distancing yourself from your immediate family? What are you doing? Living in the garage? AirBnB? Hotel?

I work in an ICU in California with 2 littles ones at home and my wife. This virus is just starting to run rampant through other units and I feel mine is next.

Is it over reacting to move out for the time being? Until the curve flattens and we have a better idea of what to expect?


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I work in L.A but my parents live in the bay area. I'm not going home for Mother's day as I work on a designated Covid unit and already taken care of a Covid positive patient.

Our administration heard our concerns of passing the virus along to family at home and has provided some options for the RNs. They are providing checked out work scrubs now. We come to work in street clothes and check them out and change into them and change out of them when our shift is over. They are also allowing us to use the showers normally reserved for Residents. They are also allowing us to stay in the University hospital 4 star hotel free of charge if we work back to back days so we don't have to go home.

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I was actually going to ask this same thing. I work in the ED and 3 of our nurses are positive. Only one girl I work with so far has said her kids are staying with her mother until further notice. I don't know if I could do that! What is long enough?? Our peak is supposed to hit mid May, so now until after then?? I keep telling myself I just have to be careful, take every precaution and be safe at work. And I'm pregnant...so I'm just risking somebody no matter what. I'm scared to be honest. I would be devastated if my damn career choice killed someone I love. 😢

honestly, how do you feel?

thank you ED nurses!