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Hello everybody! So I've been working as an LPN for a year and a half now. I am also attending school to become an RN. I've got some questions and concerns about applying for a license in a different state.

So before I went to LPN school, I applied to Kent State University's 4 year nursing program. Unfortunately, there was a huge waiting list that was going to prevent me from starting for 2 years. So I decided to go to Fortis College to get my ADN and to then do a bridge over program to my BSN through chamberlain college.

Now I am 3 months from graduating, and I recently got engaged. My fiancé has gotten several job offers for hospital administration positions, but they're all out of state. So it looks like we're going to have to move. I'm a little concerned about being approved for licensure in different states. The states we're looking at include North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. I know that my school is ACCSC accredited. And when I applied they told me they were fully accredited. But I don't think that I fully understand what this means. I believe that ACCSC is a form of national accreditation. So does this mean that my nursing education will be sufficient for their requirements? Also, is my application for licensure likely be approved after I pass my boards here in Ohio? I've done a lot of research but cannot seem to find an answer.

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Accreditation is a confusing issue. In most states, the only thing that is actually required to begin a nursing education program is approval of that state's Board. So - it is entirely possible to have perfectly legal programs that are not accredited. Very few LPN/LVN programs are "accredited", but they are perfectly legitimate.

RN Nursing program "accreditation" is only provided by two organizations - 1) CCNE; from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing or 2) CNEA, from the National League for Nursing (formerly known as NLN accreditation). Colleges and universities may have a lot of other types of accreditation, but unless they have one of those two, your education will not be recognized in other states. Nursing school accreditation has to be continuously maintained. If a school fails to meet any of the criteria, they can lose accreditation which this is disastrous for their students.

Basically, ACCSC is a general accreditation for private schools that provide any sort of occupational, trade or vocational programs. It is not relevant for nursing


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Thank you for your reply. So does this mean that I cannot get hired in other states with my active RN license? Or does this mean that I cannot continue my education in another state?