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I'm an LPN with a compact license, which unfortunately, Alabama does not participate in. I am considering moving to Mobile, AL., as my daughter received a great scholarship to Springhill University for 2015/2016 and it would be a nice change for me to live there as well.

I work full time as an LPN, and have many years experience, from MDS nursing to Correctional nursing and in between.

But I am surprised that Alabama requires anyone applying for endorsement to their state to have 24 continued learning credits (or about there) in the last 24 months.

Is there a way around that? Because I work full time - about 50 hours a week and have NO time or money (daughter going to college, not me) to take a bunch of classes just to get a license in a state I may or may not ever work in.

Just curious if anyone has ever found a way around this requirement. Thanks!

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Many states require CEUs as a condition of license renewal or license endorsement. There are many sites out there that offer free CEUs that can be done in brief chunks, some worth as little as 1 CE and some worth more. Other options are offerings for 30 credits for $30, which can be completed relatively quickly and also in brief spurts. I get mailed offers for those type frequently. When you think about it, 24 CEUs over a span of 2 years isn't really that much- there are other jobs out there that require mandatory annual education that would put 24 hours to shame. My license renewal requires 30 per every 2 years, but my certification requires 125 every 5 years (average of 25 per year).


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Thanks for the response. Would you recommend a particular website to get CEU's?

With the state of Nevada we need 30 cue's for licensing renewal. I get a lot of things in the mail and some of them aren't accredited or approved through NBON. So make sure you check. You should be able to find links or approved sources on the boards website. good luck !!!!