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out of state interview prospects


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Hey all,

I recently graduated from nursing school in oregon and for financial reasons moved back in with my family (in another state) immediately after finishing. I've applied to many jobs back in Oregon and I do have one interview scheduled for a position in a hospital residency program that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. However after talking with a current employee, I'm concerned that my chances are very slim of being selected because I'm out of state and I don't have any family in the city. How can I best present myself so that they're convinced that I'm dedicated, want to work there and won't bolt after a year or two (even if I'm not that familiar with the city)? Thanks!

Tell them that! Let them know you're interested in this position and that if exactly what you're looking! Just be honest and open with them, and I'm sure you're very intelligent and that you'd be a great addition to their team of nurses! I'm only 18 and I'm still in school, but I truly think that if you are just confident that you should have no problem receiving the job! Good luck. I really hope that helped a little.