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Last year after my grandfather died, we were cleaning out his attic and ran across some very interesting papers. In a trunk, were papers labeled "Michigan Board of Registered Nurses, Lansing Michigan, June 2-3 1926, and October 11-12, 1928" What we feel these are, are the state boards for nurses for those years. (My grandmother was a nurse also) Thought you might be interested in a few questions from those years:

1. If a baby is born in a hospital,when and how would you mark it for identification?

2. Smallpox - (a) - How prevented? (b)- How controlled?

3.(a) How would you test an egg for freshness? (b) What is the composition of an egg? © - How would you prepare a soft cooked or a hard cooked egg?

4. Name the average dose of the following: (a) Calomel (b) Codein © Caffein (d) Paregoric (e) Urotropin

5. Name two coal tar antipyretics used to releive headache and pain.

6. The chief cause of infant death is (a) enteritis (b) whooping cough © rickets

7. Would it be objectionable to secure a wet nurse in perfect health whose baby is seven months old to nurse a baby two weeks of age?

8. What is pasteurized milk?

9. Name two sanitary measures enforced in your community.

10. Show how hygiene may prevent disease.

My how times have changed!


Maggie Mae

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Very cool. I love the posts about how things were.

Anyone care to answer these? :chuckle

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