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I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips that may help me study for state boards? Also, do you know of any really good review books for the exam?


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I will be taking the NCLEX this summer also and have been studying from 3 books that came with CDs to use on the computer, they offer practice tests and comprehensive.

I have Saunders w/CD which I like because it divides the book by subject and has a seperate pharmacology section also. I also have the NSNA review book which has great comprehensive tests, and finally I bought the Kaplan book and CD, which is really helpful. It summarizes alot and gives facts that help when answering the review questions.

I really dont have any tips to share, as I havent taken the boards yet. But I will say doing 100 questions a night has helped me and that way I wont be cramming for such an important test:)

Best of luck to you and anyone else taking boards in the coming months!!

Channa :)

P.S. I wanted to post last night but didnt get a I will ask now. Is anyone considering taking the Kaplan review course? It is so pricey, my best friend took it and told me to just study the review books that I have and I pass. Any thoughts?

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I took the NCLEX today and got through 75 questions and then it quit. Either I did okay or it was a complete flameout. I can find out unofficially on Monday. Studied from RN Express web site, Kaplan's Course Book and Frye's 2500 nursing bullets. I'll post back when I get results.


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ryaninmtv, Good luck! From what I have read, if it shuts off that early, you've usually done pretty good! Let us know!


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good luck to you! I wouldn't spend a lot of $. I had one book with a cd and studied when i wasn't working. I had been out of school a while and still did fine, the minimum # of ?'s. The worst part was the anxiety. If you have done well in your classes/clinicals you should do great. Be familiar with the test setup. My college had a mock version on computer so i was able to know what i would be doing. Best wishes to you.


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I agree with Channa, I have the Saunders 2nd Ed Comprehensive, that I also use to study for tests in class, it is a great help. Everything is set up in outline form, makes it very easy to study. I also have the Kaplan review, as she stated it really explains HOW to read the questions. See thread titled NCLEX quiz.

Since I love to play on my puter, I have made up a list with most if not all of the newest review books, including the ISBN and the cheapest place to buy them. If anyone would like a copy of my list just send me a PM with your e-mail address & I will be happy to send it to you. When looking for review books, try not to get anything older than 2001 or 2000 at the most. You can get some of the books on E-bay, just watch what Edition they are.

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