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hi, how do you find out exactly what hands on is on the test? i'm from georgia, and should i invest in spending money buying books that help you to pass the state board exam. i taking a six week course, and how long does it take after you finished the course do you recieve your certificate?:D

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Not sure about your state, but in Colorado, we have to wait between 4 to 6 weeks after you finish the class to take the board exam. The written exam is pretty easy, nobody should fail it (we can miss 20 our of 100 multiple choice questions). Your class should offer some kinds of practice tests. The skill part just needs practice. The more you practice the more confident you will feel when you do it in front of the evaluator, hence less mistakes. Practice the simple skills like washing hands and check blood pressure because these are the most failed skills (since they are easy, people don't practice them enough). If you are going to take the board exam with your classmates, it's even better because you are familiar with their vital signs, where the supplies are in the room, etc. Good luck!

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I took a intense 2 1/2 week course. My last day of class was Tuesday.. took my writtern test on Wednesday and my skills test on Friday. I had my results the following Monday night. I was on the registry a week later and recieved my certification card about 3 weeks later!!

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thank you both for your input!

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