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Starting to wonder if I'll ever find my niche.


Has 1 years experience.

I started off as an LPN in drug and alcohol and advanced from there. Unfortunately, I also worked in non-profit, so no real full time jobs, horrible benefits and horrible pay. The last non-profit rehab center I was at had a bunch of money missing and I filed a complaint with the prosecuting attorney's office and got the hell out of there. It was not pretty, and I am no longer welcome anywhere near there. The investigation is still on-going and my former manager may lose her nursing license.

I moved to Hospice in June, and thought that would be a nice change. I have begged and begged for a full caseload since I started. I still only have 9 patients. I have emails verifying this to my supervisor, to scheduling, and to my supervisor's supervisor. Yet here it is damn near December, and I still don't have a full caseload.

The social worker there changes nursing care plans, runs the show, lies, and is a general bully. I don't put up with it, but I am not considered a "team player" because I challenge her constantly. She has changed my nursing care plans twice, and I am considering reporting her to the board for acting outside of her scope of practice. When I went to my supervisor with my proof and complaint against her, I was basically told that "that's the way she is, and she isn't going to change." We've had several nurses leave because of her. (?! WTH)

Last Thursday I called in sick as my dad had a stroke Wednesday night. Friday I worked all day and then some, and did two visits with this social worker. I had taken this week off for vacation as I need a break. Monday my email was blowing up all day long wondering why I hadn't worked all day Friday, why I didn't call in, etc. Confused, I took time out of MY vacation day to call in and see what the fuss is all about. Apparently my computer never saynch (sp?) correctly, so none of my visits uploaded. They apparently asked the social worker where I was, and she said she hadn't seen me all day. (Keep in mind this is after two visits with her that lasted about 1.5 hours each!!)

Then they also informed me that they pulled two of my patients since they "couldn't be sure" that I could handle my caseload since I didn't call in on Friday. I firmly reminded them that I was there, and had more than enough proof.

I finished my MSN last month and have been applying to other organizations, but I feel discouraged. Are all organizations inherently evil and non-good doing?

I am starting to think of getting out of non-profit altogether and simply going with for profit organizations. I am also tired of leaving jobs and not being able to "stick with something" because of funding cuts, ethics, and just plain mistreatment.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.