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I am looking to retrain in the nursing field . Yes I will be 51 this month . My reasons are the economy has it my work hard and not looking good for a few years to come . My goals are supplement or replace what I do now and not have a lot of debt at the end of it . I am starting simple with the cna and keep going for the lpn certificate at the very least . I live about 1 1/2 hours west of Chicago . Com. Colleges are booked and I would like to get the cna out of the way asap . I am looking at CMK training in Westmont . I would like to hear any good or bad experiences with this school . I also want to make sure they are legit . Do they need to be accredited ? It doesn't really say on their site . I haven't committed yet but need to do so soon if I am going to make the next cna class . For now I just want to get the cna out of the way so any suggestions or other programs that I can get into fairly quickly would be a great help . Thanks Jimmy

You should post this topic under regions in the Illinois section. You might get more beneficial responses there.

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Concur with posting over in IL section. But just wanted to add that you're not alone in being over 50 and trying on a different career path. Good luck.

I am new here . Didn't know about the IL. section . Thanks

I live in Oklahoma and like you I am over 50. I am in my third month of Nursing School and I am doing well. You are making a good choice starting off as a CNA, I wish I had taken that route because I really didn't know what I was getting into. Read a lot of the forums dealing with being a male Nurse, school and work are female dominated and it has been a very hard adjustment for me to make so far. Be prepared to be excluded from social interactions unless you are willing to have your testes removed or be willing to sell your male soul. good luck

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