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I've just started my 1st semester of nursing school. I used to be a medic in the US Army and I thought going to nursing school was going to be a breeze and after my first week I just wanted to quit and reenlist in the army. When I was deployed I carried morphine and narcan in my shoulder pocket, I could start a IV in a black room with my night vision on, but now I cant even tell the difference between 2 types of skin cells. I thought I was going to know everything they were going to teach, but I thought wrong. I can save a life on the battlefield but i cant tell you what atoms are in carbohydrates. It is just very frustrating because I was a good medic and I did my job to the best of my abilty every single day, now I'm just a college kid trying to get a passing grade. I guess I just have to keep pushing threw and just grind it out.

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Good luck, buddy.

oh hey that's interesting. i'll bet you have many interesting stories to tell, not to mention care skills that will help you in nursing, especially in an er. i almost enlisted in the navy reserves as a corpsman a summer or two because i know their chances of getting deployed with the marines and seeing action is pretty high. the plan didn't pan out for various reasons including an injury and that the position was overmanned (overstaffed) with a waiting list too long for my tastes. the biggest reason though was that i started a nursing program.

anyway, it sounds like you are a pre-nursing student taking anatomy, overwhelmed with the fine details of histology. if that's the case don't sweat it too much. when's the last time you heard of a nurse looking under a microscope? you are better off knowing physiology inside out anyway. but of course, your current priority is passing your current classes so you can keep moving forward in your program or future program. i happen to like the sciences, so if you have questions about micro or anatomy or physiology, feel free to pm me. otherwise there are plenty of helpful resources on the internet you can find. in fact, i have quite a few that i still have bookmarked and can point out to you.

you're right tho. just grind away. good luck.

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