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Hi everyone. I have a question about salaries in NJ hospitals. I really want to stay in NJ but I'm afraid the starting salary won't be enough for me to payoff my loans and start saving for my future. If that's the case I'll have to look for work in NY and I just really don't want to do that. Would anyone be willing to share any info with me? I'm graduating in December with a BSN. What hospitals do you work in, or know people work in, and what their starting salary was for a new grad nurse with a BSN? Please and thank you!! I'm so desperate to find out, I really don't want to have to work in NY but I might have to :(

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No guarantees though. There is a surplus of new grad nurses in the NY/NY/PA area therefore it's an employers market

Thank you! I keep finding conflicting Info online, I was hoping to get someone's personal experience with working in an NJ hospital

Im making around 35$ as a new grad right now. Located in central jersey.

I got my BSN this May and I just received a job offer for $37/hr plus $3 night differential for a full time night position! adds up to about 80k/year

I totally feel you on the loans. I could have gotten a job where I went to school but I am living with parents for the next year or so to pay off my ~60k in loans because I just have so much it made the most sense for me. I'm lucky my parents live in an area that pays nurses well! Good luck!

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