Starting Salary??


I'm an LMSW and looking to make the switch to a psyc RN through a post-bacc program at either ASU/UofA, and perhaps (if I can find a hospital with tuition assistance/reimbursement) a psyc NP.

A LOT of my motivation is the tremendous difference in pay. I make $24/hr now. I obviously have a master's degree and about 2 years of experience. It's a flat rate at the hospital I'm at. Once I hit LCSW status, I make a whopping $1 more an hour. It's pathetic and ruining my interest in continuing in this field.

I have many friends (and my mom) who are RNs but I feel uncomfortable asking about their salaries directly. I know my mom makes really, really good money but she's been doing it forever.

Can I get some honest feedback about salary? Not just specifically for psyc; I'm toying with the idea of leaving psyc and moving to the ER. I worked as a social worker in the ER and loved the setting. In general, I liked fast-paced, but I'm getting burned out on the population and the pay.



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I just graduated from ASU in May. I was lucky enough to be hired into the ICU at Banner. My starting pay is $26.24 per hour. I will be night shift and that comes with an 18% differential.

There are several threads on the "First Year After Nursing Licensure" board that talk about salaries. You might poke around there if you want more info.