Starting Salaries for GNs in Nashville Hospitals


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Does anyone know the average starting salary for a new RN in Nashville area hospitals? I was offered a job at a hsopital in lebanon that offered my a starting rate of $17.50 per hour (not including the night shift and weekend shift differentials of $3.00/hr each). When I worked as an RN in wisconsin my starting salary was $22.60/hr and they offered higher differentials as well. The cost of living in wisconsin is comparable to Nashville from what I can tell. In fact from a buying standpoint wisconsin is cheaper and has no food tax. Is $17.50/hr a normal starting salary for RNs in this area? That seems extremely low to me compared to other states.

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No income tax in TN. Is low compared to Memphis ($21-22/hr there). Sorry can't help you more!


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I have had 3 more interviews and one more job offer. I have gotten higher starting salary quotes in the $20-$21/hr range. I guess it must have just been that particular hospital.


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I've done a few google searches on this - because my husband was wondering the same thing... and we've come to the conclusion that it's pretty area specific. It's hard to decipher from the BLS website because it includes all areas and posts a wage higher than that average...

From what I can tell, it's not totally out of range...

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