Starting Nursing School in 2 and a Half Months!


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So, I am starting Nursing school in a couple months and I have been waiting for a year, but as the time gets closer and I read more and more Forums about school and how difficult it can be, i'm starting to get nervous and I am wondering if there is anybody out there who has gone through school that can give me some tips and studying tools for getting through school....I'm very excited but nervous at the same time for school...I know for sure nursing is something I want to do and can't wait for school, but I think going into it with some helpful hints from others who have gone through it, will make my first day more relaxed and not so scary...Thanks Much!!:)


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I'm only in my third week of school but I can tell you that you need to read ahead. If you have your books start reading. We started in A&P and nursing fundamentals so that could be a starting point for you. Start learning coversions. Start learning med terminology. Just remember to study, study, study. The LPN program is very, very intense. Our instructors who are RN's told us that if we can get through the LPN program that the RN program would be a breeze. We have already lost 2 people and 6 more got called to our instructor's office because we are at the half way point in nursing fundamentals and they are failing. Just know that you probably won't have a life during this year but it will so be worth it. You can do it. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't. I hope someone with a little more experience will chime in.


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Thank you for the advice...yea I took a med terminology class when I was doing my pre reqs and i'm so glad I did. The school i'm going to in April told me that a good half of the nursing students who start there end up failing or dropping out because they can't handle it. I'm guessing they make it so intese so they can weed out the ones who don't really want to be there. I have already told my friends and family that they probably won't see me for the next year because I won't have any time...So i'm pretty prepared and reading different postings on this forum is really helping too. But thanks again for the advice and encouragment, it really helps!! :)


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My best advice is the old cliche, 'one day at a time.' When I went to school I was very nervous that I didn't know anything. :confused: I had to keep telling myself that the reason I was going to school was to learn all that stuff I didn't know. You aren't going to be expected to know everything until they teach it to you. While part of me agrees with reading ahead, part of me says not to. I think it can tend to freak people out, and possibly get you confused with what you are learning at the time. My way of studying was to take notes during class, and re-writing them later. I also read the books and high-lighted a bunch of stuff and would sometimes put that into my notes during my re-writes. That forces you to read the info more than once. You will find a system that works for you. Also, we did have a few students who were very into talking during class and I had started out sitting with them in the back of the classroom--they were my friends after all. I would advise against this. You are paying to go to school and the #1 priority will be to learn. I moved to the front of the room and my grades reflected that change. Good luck to you!!


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Thank you so much LUVBUG for the great advice...I will keep this in mind when I start school!! :)

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