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Starting NP school in September. You guys are scaring me...

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Hi everyone,

I have been on allnurses for a few years but I'm more of a lurker, hence my lack of posts. I'm starting a DNP program in September (AGPCNP) and reading all these posts about job shortages/low salaries, especially considering adult/gero vs FNP is scaring me! Am I going to regret this? I have 4 years of RN experience with an entry-level MSN working in home care and transitional and long-term care nurse management. I am going to a brick and mortar school in Wisconsin to get my DNP (in person once weekly). I'm hoping this will help me at least get my first NP job- the fact that it is not an online, for-profit institution. I live in Minnesota and have talked to a couple of NPs about my concerns. One went to the U of MN and said that her and her classmates from the adult/gero program had jobs lined up upon graduation.

Are there any adult/gero primary care NPs out there who found they weren't terribly limited by not going the family route?

Is there anyone here in Minnesota that can provide more insight on job prospects?


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