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Starting My Dreams! First post to AN need a little advice...

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Hey Everybody,

I am finally starting my dreams of becoming a nurse :yes: I had to drop out of high school when I was a freshman so I am getting my GED before I apply to my local community college. I took my pretest for the GED and surprisingly scored above high school level :D My college requires a COMPASS exam for placement so I decided to try and brush up a little with that Khan Academy website. I don't want to get into a class I can't handle but I was always very good at math I just have to remember those little things you forget when you don't use Algebra everyday lol. So I was wondering what you think,my CC only requires Chem, Math and a Computer Skills class as pre reqs, you take all those AP, Micro, and various others while in the actual Nursing program. I think it might be beneficial for me to take a few of those before I apply considering I don't have much else going for me besides getting a high GPA in pre reqs, like any health care experience. My program takes Nursing apps every spring for the following fall, I was planning on starting my basic pre reqs in the spring of 2014. If I do that I will have to wait a year to be able to apply again,however in that time I could take the other classes beyond the basic pre reqs to hopefully increase my chances of acceptance? OR I could take those 3 pre reqs this fall and apply in the spring. I just keep thinking I will need more to get me in then Chem, Math and a Computer Class... Oh and I am also pregnant with my husband and I's 3rd child :) Due June 27th :) so I am leaning more towards starting in the Spring of 2014 I guess but I would love some advice! Also the program is for an ADN and I know the hospitals in my area prefer BSN. I can't afford to go to school for that long right and the BSN program in my area is highly competitive. I am considering relocating to a more ADN friendly area after Nursing School? Any recommendations on an area? I want to get my bachelors some day but I am hoping to get in good with a hospital to possible get help with tuition... Do you find that plan realistic?

Thanks for taking the time to read,can't wait to hear back!


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First let me say congratulations on the baby :). I think it is great that you are getting a start on your dream. You might need some coreqs and the prereqs done before they accept you since nursing is competitive. My school has only 2 prereqs, but no one gets in with just those done. Also most A&P and micro classes require you to complete bio as a prereq. So you might have to take bio in the spring and take A&P and/or micro in the fall. I recommend you check with your school so you will have more useful information. You may be able to find a LTC job with an ADN in your area since BSNs are preferred, but if you want a hospital job you will most likely have to move. You will just have to research areas that hire ADNs in hospitals and choose somewhere you like.

Congratulations on your decision to attend nursing school! I will be starting a BSN program in August and my hubby and I have 3 kids too. Well I think ( and its only my opinion) that your plan to begin your prerequisites in Spring 2014 might be better since you will be having a newborn baby in June. That will give you time with your baby. But again, it really depends on you and what you can handle. Also what you think will be best for your family. I have read many posts on AN about women having their baby on a Friday and they were in class on Monday:) Good luck!

Congrats on your new one! I have eight kids, and it's been my dream to become a nurse since before they were part of my life. I took classes when I could work around hubby's schedule. I also worked as a CNA along the way. If I were you, I would look into some online pre reqs. Sounds like you need quite a few, and online is perfect so you can stay home with your little ones. Go talk to a schools nursing program. Get the list of classes you will need to apply. Find out what else they require. You will be able to formulate a plan and go from there. It seems like forever away till you graduate, but your baby is only a baby a short while so enjoy it while you can! My babies are now 3, and I'm in my second semester of my BSN program. It's been a long journey, but so worth it!

Thanks so much for the advice! This has really helped me decide to start in the spring, I will have a few stress free months before school with our new little one ( well as stress free you can be with three kids:) ) and I can review high school material in the mean time. I really think it will make me more confident going into the program with with more classes under my belt and i totally agree that i will need more then just the three classes to get in. it may take an extra year but at least by the time I am in the nursing program I will really only have to take the actual nursing classes. I think getting my CNA while doing my pre reqs may be a good idea, at least for some health care experience. The program is about $600 in my area, they only make about 8.50 an hour and then daycare for the kiddos it will cost me money to work lol however I really want and think need some experience....