Starting LVN class next week!

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I am excited and nervous to finally get to start school next week! Full time for 13 months, it might be a little tough with my son, but I am willing to do it for my family! Thankfully my parents have been supportive and helpful in everyway. I've got my uniforms, steth, bp cuff, books, supplies, etc. So I'm just counting down the days! I hope I get through this with flying colors (not just scraping by):D

Congrats to you and good luck! BTW where are you going?

Thank you. I am going to the program at Fresno adult school

congrats good luck the begining of the program

should be a piece of cake. Some advise when you get to cardio and neuro study, study sum ppl may tell u that its super hard not gonna lie its difficult but as long as u study im sure you'll be fine :) I hope you enjoy the program!

Congrats and good luck. Many people have been successful in nursing school with kids and familys.

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