Starting a home health business in NY State


I have been researching starting a home health business for years and finally ready to take the big leap of faith and just do it!!! I guess my question is as a RN what am I allowed to do in the home care setting? I was initially thinking of working as a 1099 independent contractor myself until I can build my clientele. Billing on private pay clients as a private duty RN. I would like to market the elderly and offer services As I have been reading there is a lot a red tape and guidelines to starting your business and obtaining licenses. My focus is to offer safety checks, med administration and injections, BP and pulse checks, wound care, prescription pick up and delivery, glucose testing, education to family and client as needed and I will communicate with physician. I know I need to obtain insurance and set up business account (checking). Can I operate this business under my name or do I have to have a business name? Should I incorporate? Can I hire other nurses and/or HHA's as independent contractors without being penalized with the IRS? If anyone who has experience can give me some advice and answer some questions I would greatly appreciate it.